Level 3 Application Development Workshops

VG Strategies LLC Management Consulting is pleased to present “on-demand” one-and-a-half day Level 3 Application Development Workshops.

Developing a Level 3 Application may feel like assembling a puzzle. Our goal is to make it easier for you to prepare a well-written Level 3 Application to your local performance excellence award program. Bring your leadership team and your Level 3 Application development team!

Many state/regional performance excellence award programs offer a Level 3 Award. The Level 3 Award is a slimmed down version of the Level 4 Award (full award). Think of the Level 3 Award as “Baldrige Lite.” In the Level 4 Award, organizations answer all the Baldrige Criteria questions. For Level 3 Awards, applicants answer a subset of the Baldrige Criteria questions – about 75% of the full Baldrige questions.

Submitting a Level 3 Application to your local performance excellence award program can lead to valuable feedback about methods to enhance your organization’s performance. However, many organizations find the Level 3 Criteria questions somewhat ambiguous.

Highlights of our one-and-a-half-day Level 3 Application Development Workshop.

  • Learn effective methods to easily prepare your Level 3 application.
  • Learn what information the Level 3 Criteria questions are really seeking.
  • Learn how to appropriately respond to the Level 3 Criteria questions.
  • Learn how examiners evaluate/score your Level 3 application.
  • Learn how to identify and present numerical results in your Level 3 application.
  • Learn how you can use our recommended sample figures/tables to easily present information in your Level 3 application.

Instructor: John Van Gorkom has served as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award examiner, team, leader, and alumni for 15 years. He has actively participated with a regional performance excellence program for 15 years as an examiner, Judge, Chair of Panel of Judges, Board Member, and past President of the organization. John also serves as a Master Examiner for the American Health Care Association program and has served as an examiner for the Asian Pacific Quality Award Program.

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