Strategic Planning That Gets Results

“Control your destiny or someone else will.”

Is everyone in your organization working as a team to achieve your desired goals and objectives? Is everyone pulling in the same direction? Do you have a desired destination/future you are striving to achieve? Does everyone have the same thoughts about what that future means? Do your strategies and key outcomes align with your desired future? Do your action plans align with your strategies and desired outcomes?   

A famous army general who became a U.S. President said: “Failure to plan, is planning to fail.” Many times, business organizations falter because of an ineffective strategic planning process that failed to adequately assess their business environment. Eastman Kodak, which made the film for cameras is a good example. Eastman Kodak did not fully evaluate the external threat of digital cameras and how that threat would disrupt their business of manufacturing and selling the film for cameras.  

With our effective strategic planning process, you do the thinking. We provide planning templates, tools, and proven planning steps. Through our facilitation, you develop a “road map” to achieve your desired future. Your “road map” identifies key actions to achieve the future as well as key quantifiable metrics to monitor progress.

Through our effective strategic planning process, you will be well on your way to developing a strategic plan that controls your destiny.

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Our Board and senior leaders had differing thoughts about the direction of this organization. John succeeded in getting both the Board and senior leaders to agree to a common mission, vision, and key goals”  

EVP Financial Institution

We have used John’s strategic planning services for several years. His planning process keeps all our senior leaders focused on what are the most important thing we need to do to achieve our vision and key outcomes  

CEO Healthcare Organization