Simplified Award Application Development

Telling Your Story Effectively 

Like many people, you may be overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the Baldrige Criteria questions. You may be wondering how your organization could ever understand enough to develop a thoughtful application to your local award program. Our time-tested systematic application development process helps you create a well-written award application. We demystify the Criteria and simplify application development.

Performance Excellence NW and

WSQA Lite Applications

Many organizations in the Pacific Northwest submit “Lite” applications to Performance Excellence Northwest and Washington State Quality Award. The Lite Criteria contain about 75% fewer questions than a WSQA/PENW “full” application.

We provide the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources to simplify your development of a Lite Application. Below are several resources to assist you in preparing a PENW/WSQA Lite Application. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Six Steps for Preparing a Lite Application 

See our article “7 Steps to Develop a Well-Written Lite Application

Level 3 Award Applications

Many state/regional performance excellence award programs offer a Level 3 Award which contains about 75% fewer questions than the full Baldrige Criteria. Think of the Level 3 Criteria as “Baldrige lite.” 

Most organizations find it easier to prepare and submit a “Level 3 Application”  to gain valuable feedback on how well they are applying the Baldrige principles. We provide the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources to simplify your development of a Level 3 Application. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

See our article “Level 3 Application Development Made Easy” for helpful insights into preparing a Level 3 Award Application.

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Baldrige Quality Award Applications

Preparing a well-written Baldrige application takes considerable time, effort, knowledge of the Criteria, and experience developing Baldrige applications. The associated feedback and score you receive will be appropriate for your organization’s performance maturity and will be extremely helpful in your journey toward performance improvement. Well-written applications yield more appropriate feedback comments from examiners.

Through years of experience as a Baldrige Examiner, we provide the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources to simplify your development of a well-written Baldrige Application.

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AHCA/NCAL Quality Award Applications

American Health Care Association members apply for three progressive levels of awards: Bronze, Silver, or Gold – Excellence in Quality.  We provide the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources to simplify your development of an AHCA Application. 

As an AHCA Master Examiner, our application development process is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of AHCA members. We help you develop a well-written application that accelerates your journey toward the Gold Award. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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