VG Strategies LLC – Effective Assessment/Applications Based on Actionable Insight and Years of Experience at Your Disposal

Thousands of organizations around the world use the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Criteria to improve operations and attain sustainable results. Why is it so successful? The Baldrige Criteria expresses what great organizations should do to be successful. It is, in effect, a compendium of best practices.

Your leaders may seek an evaluation of how well the organization is employing the Baldrige Criteria. To obtain such evaluation, your organization would answer the Baldrige Criteria questions by documenting your key organizational processes. Like many others, you may be confused and overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the Baldrige Criteria questions.

You may be asking “How will I ever understand enough to develop a thoughtful application to my local award program?” VG Strategies LLC is a Baldrige consulting firm that demystifies the Baldrige Criteria and simplifies your application development and performance improvement.