Accelerating Performance Improvement


“We Have the Feedback Report, Now What Do We Do?”    

Your organization has just received a Feedback Report from your national, international, or state/regional program. There may be 60 – 75 opportunities for improvement identified in your Feedback Report! Now you are wondering what to focus on to improve your organization.


Prioritizing “Opportunities for Improvement” 

You may receive 60 Opportunities for Improvement in your Feedback Report. Not all Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) are equally important! How do you identify which OFIs are the most important to remedy?

Our article 4 Steps to Prioritizing Feedback Report Opportunities for Improvement will help you effectively identify the most important opportunities for improvement to remedy within your organization. 


Integrating Performance Improvement Into Your Strategic Plan 

One of the keys to accelerating improvement is incorporating your performance improvement initiatives throughout your organization’s strategic plan. An effective strategic plan will have all your functional areas working in concert (like interlocking gears) to achieve your desired future. Contact us to learn more about developing an effective strategic plan.