Drafting Well-Written Quality Award Applications


These articles provide experience-based advice about effective methods for preparing an outstanding application to a quality award program.

PENW/WSQA Lite Application Development Made Simple

Level 3 Application Development Made Easy  

2019-20 Reconstituted Scoring Criteria

Strategic Planning That Gets Results

“Begin with the end in mind.” One of the most important steps in developing a strategic plan is to identify your organization’s desired future/destination. Where should your organization be headed over the next few years to be successful? You can then begin to:

  • Identify key strategies to achieve the desired future
  • Develop specific key outcomes to be achieved
  • Develop key action plans to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Identify key metrics to monitor progress toward achieving the desired future/destination.
 An effective strategic plan will have all your functional areas working in concert (like interlocking gears) to achieve your desired future.

4 Steps to Effectively Prioritize Feedback Report Improvement Opportunities


If your organization has applied to any quality award program, you received a Feedback Report that listed your organizational strengths as well as the areas for improvement, often called Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs). Your Feedback Report may have contained 50-65 OFIs! Unless you are different from most organizations, you do not have the capacity to resolve all these OFIs. In addition, not all OFIs are equally important. The following article details a systematic process to identify which OFIs will have the biggest impact on improving your organization.

4 Steps To Effectively Prioritize OFIs