Baldrige Award Program Has Chosen 15 High Performing Organizations to Receive Site Visits

The Panel of Judges for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award chose fifteen organizations to receive Site Visits. The 15 organizations are spread across many business sectors – 8 healthcare organizations, 1 education organization, 2 nonprofits, 2 small business, and 2 services businesses. The site visit teams, which include experts in each sector, will conduct their site visit reviews this fall and present their findings to the Panel of Judges for prior to the November Panel of Judges meeting.

Workforce Satisfaction and Engagement Comparisons.

Smaller business organizations often struggle to find comparable workforce satisfaction comparison information. If your smaller organization is still searching for good workforce satisfaction comparisons, the new issue of Inc. Magazine may help. In its June edition, Inc. magazine has published an inaugural list of the 50 Best Workplaces for companies up to 500 employees. Companies were evaluated based on: Wallet and workplace (30%), employee feedback (34%), and performance innovation (36%).

According to the article the biggest difference between the best performers and the also-rans is how companies set and track goals. The high scorers set individual, team, department, and company goals and communicate results that are visible to all. Sounds like these companies have been practicing Category 1 Leadership from the Baldrige Criteria.