Lite Application Drafting Tips

General Tips

  • Allocate a total of about 13 pages total to answering Lite Criteria questions in Categories 1-6.
    • Simply describe the process for doing what the Criteria ask.
    • Since Examiners evaluate and score applications based on the Scoring Guidelines, make sure your responses by address the key elements of the Scoring Guidelines. The Scoring Guidelines can be found in the Baldrige Excellence Builder, the Baldrige Framework, or in the following 2019-20 Reconstituted Scoring Criteria attachment.
  • Allocate about 7 pages to provide the requested results in Category 7.
    • Provide quantifiable numerical results that demonstrate the effectiveness of the processes you described in Categories 1-6.
    • Present numerical data in a line graph, column graph, or table format for easier reading.
    • Make sure your data address the key elements of the Scoring Guidelines.


Formatting – PENW/WSQA Guidelines

  • Margins.  Set the left margin to ¾ inch and the right margin to ½ inch.
  • Font size.  Text font size is 11pt minimum. Figures and Graphs font size is 9pt minimum.
  • While not required, a two-column format makes your application more readable by examiners.


Submitted Application Contents

  • Cover page
  • Organizational Chart – 1 page
  • Glossary of Key Terms you use in your organization
  • Organizational Profile – 5 pages maximum. See the Lite Criteria for the Organizational Profile questions.
  • Responses to the Lite Criteria questions – 20 pages maximum.