PENW/WSQA Lite Criteria Tips

PENW/WSQA Lite Criteria – Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

The Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (Baldrige Criteria) are essentially best practices utilized by a variety of business organizations around the world. The Criteria are worded as questions. The PENW Lite Criteria questions are a subset of the Baldrige Criteria.


Criteria Architecture

The Baldrige Criteria questions within each Category consist of:

  • Item titles descriptions/questions
  • Specific questions with reference numbers – [e.g., 1.1a(1), 2.1(a)] in bold font within each Item
  • Several non-bolded questions under each specific question

In Baldrige lingo, item title descriptions/questions are the “Basic” questions.

The specific questions in bold font within each Item are the “Overall” questions. The “Overall” questions are the PENW/WSQA Lite Criteria questions!!

The detailed, non-bolded, questions under each “Overall” question are referred to as the “Multiple” questions.

If an “Overall” question appears vague, it is helpful to read the associated “Multiple” questions. The “Multiple” questions provide more context about the purpose of the “Overall” questions.

In addition, the Baldrige Criteria provides Notes at the bottom of each page. The Notes offer additional clarity regarding the intent of the Baldrige “Overall” and “Multiple” questions.

Through the PENW/WSQA Lite Application Development Workshop, we clarify and demystify what each Lite Criteria question is asking. You also receive guidance and examples of how to effectively answer each Lite Criteria question.